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Travelling with your knitting

Posted by Allison Barnes on
Travelling with your knitting

I love working on knitting projects while on holiday! Whether it’s poolside in Mexico or out on the lake during our beautiful summers, having a project is a wonderful way to enjoy the time (or, if you’re unlucky with weather, make those hours pass by).

Here are some of my favourite types for travelling with knitting or crochet projects:

  • If you’re flying, check the rules of your airline! Most are fine with knitting needles (but you’ll be safest if you bring a bamboo or wood pair) but some might not allow you to bring them on. Another safe bet is to use cable needles and opt for non-metal/glass tips.
  • Check your notions bag! Your embroidery scissors may look like they can do no harm but security will confiscate your bag of scissors and other notions. Many airlines will allow some types of small embroidery scissors - if you need to bring scissors, look up your airline’s rules and bring only what you need.
  • Pack a self-addressed, stamped envelope that is big enough for your needles in case you aren’t allowed to bring them on board - you can mail them (and your project) home instead of saying goodbye forever.
  • Bring a small project. Things like socks, a scarf, or a hat are easier to maneuver in the limited space of an airplane or car seat, plus they’re easier to stash and use smaller tools.
  • A perfect travel project? Socks! They’re small, convenient and satisfying - also, sock patterns usually take less complicated patterns. Bonus points if you pick a washable yarn.
  • If you are bringing a project you need the pattern for, bring multiple copies, especially if it’s a digital pattern. You’ll appreciate that extra copy if you lose that first page or your tablet battery dies!
  • Invest in a well-made project bag. If you don’t already have one, this is a great time to get a sturdy project bag. Depending on the design you choose they’ll have handy pockets for any tools you need and will be easy to spot and keep organized. One less headache when you’re packing up!

Happy travels!

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