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Summer Socks and Pattern Recommedations

Posted by Allison Barnes on
Summer Socks and Pattern Recommedations

While we might be opting for more sandals and a cozy pair of socks might be one of the last things on our mind, socks are the perfect summer project! Why? Their small size makes them easy to pop into a project bag for easy knitting on the go (hello vacation knitting!) and it also means you won’t have a lap full of yarn on warm and humid nights.

This summer, I’m be releasing special edition monthly sock sets; each set will have one 115 gram skein of the main colour, and one 25+ gram mini skein of a coordinating colour for your heels/toes/cuffs. The June set is already available, it’s a cream base with splashes of blues and corals - take a peek!

If you don’t have your own favourite sock recipe yet, here are some patterns I recommend:

Susan B. Anderson’s How I Make My Socks Guide

This guide is great for first-time sock knitters. You’ll learn helpful tricks for creating perfect socks; the pattern includes links to helpful tutorials as well as a list of additional resources. If you like this guide, she also offers versions for worsted weight and men’s socks.  

Nicole Bracey’s Prongs Pattern

This intermediate pattern was designed with my sock yarn so it will knit up perfectly with any colourways you choose from my shop. If you love the look of intricate cable patterns, you’ll love this easy to work up pattern!

Mara Catherine Bryner’s Rose City Rollers

These roll-top ankle socks are so cute and perfect for warmer weather - you can knit them up and wear them right away. The pattern is approachable and fun for beginners and a great fast knit for more advanced knitters.

If this is your first pair of socks, don’t fret if they’re not an exact fit right away. Finding your perfect recipe takes some experimenting - even for experienced knitters. Personally, I’m noticing that my tension keeps changing so I’m trying different needle sizes and number of stitches to find my perfect sock recipe. Focus on enjoying your knitting time and don’t forget that you can always backtrack to fix any mistakes. And if the socks don’t fit, you can always gift them!

Happy knitting!





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