Is Local Pick-up Available?

Yes. If you are in the Edmonton area please send me a message or email for a pick-up coupon code. I have two options for pick-up. One is from my home in south Edmonton. The other is in Sherwood Park at Common Ground Cafe (50 Brentwood Blvd.) on Tuesday night Knit Night 6:30-10pm (I am generally there between 7pm-9pm). Use the coupon code at check-out. Please then email me to arrange pick-up (my address will be provided after you order). Home pick-ups may be mailbox drops. I do my best to make it every Tuesday to Knit Night but sometimes I encounter scheduling changes. If I am unable to make it to the next Knit Night I will let you know ASAP.

Where is Local?

I live in the area of Mill Woods located in southeast Edmonton. When you select to pick up your order from my home I will provide an address at that time.

Where do you get your yarn bases?

I source from a Canadian wholesaler/fibre mill based in Ontario, Canada. They import their merino wool fleeces from New Zealand and process the fibre themselves.

Do you do custom dyeing?

Yes and No. I can often take custom quantities for my regular colourways using my regular yarn bases. There is a 2 skein/base/colourway minimum order. Turn-around times vary. I do not dye custom colours or do colour matching. 

Can you spin something for me?

Yes and No. I can spin any of my own hand-dyed (or undyed) Merino Combed Top in the following styles: Super Bulky Thick and Thin, Bulky, or Worsted Weight. My spinning style is not even and consistent. If you like thicker and thinner, lumpy bumpy handspun (my favourite kind) then you will love my handspun yarn. Prices and turn-around times vary. I do not offer spinning of any fibre that is not purchased from me.

How frequently do you ship orders?

I generally ship twice per week on Tuesdays and Fridays. I try to get all orders out within 3-5 business days, with most going out sooner.

Do you vacuum-seal yarn to save on shipping?

Yes. When you are purchasing one skein at a time there will be a flat shipping option. If you select this option I will unskein your yarn, vacuum-seal it and ship it flat with the label inside. This shipping method is lettermail within Canada only and does not have any guarantee, no insurance and no tracking. If you want more than one skein shipped flat please complete two separate transactions. 

Where can I buy your yarn in person?

I am currently stocking my yarn with The Fibre Nook - the newest yarn store in Edmonton located at 9864 - 63 Avenue northwest. Another location is Hippy Strings located at The Old Train Station in Sexsmith, AB. 10,000 – 100 Str, T0H 3C0

Do you sell at any markets?

Yes, I sell at a few markets in the Spring and Fall. Please refer to the Blog for the latest news.

What is your return policy?

I do not accept returns except for very special circumstances. I do accept exchanges under special circumstances such as an incorrect product. Please contact me within 14 days if your order is incorrect. 2 or 3 knots in a skein, tangled skeins, and colours not appearing as they do on your phone or computer monitor are not considered to be defects. I do not give refunds or exchanges if you have buyers remorse. You are responsible for return shipping. I do not give refunds on shipping costs when doing a return/exchange.

Why do my skeins not "match" each other?

Hand-dyed yarn, even skeins dyed in the same pot or pan, never matches exactly. When using more than one skein of the same colourway in a project it is recommended to alternate skeins every 1 or 2 rows for better colour blending.

How should I care for my yarn/garment?

It is always recommended that you handwash your hand-knits using a mild no-rinse wool-wash such as Eucalan or Soak in room temperature water. Gentle agitation, let soak for 30 minutes, then squeeze out the water without wringing the garment, lay flat and roll up in a towel and press out any excess moisture. Dry flat. When storing your hand-knits it is best to roll up gently without stretching or lay flat. Hanging garments can cause them to stretch and sag.

What is the wool content of your yarn?

Please see individual listings for content, yardage and weight of my bases.