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Project Bag Must Haves

Posted by Allison Barnes on
Project Bag Must Haves

I love having several project bags on the go - they’re the perfect way to keep projects organized and tidy (plus keeps them clean) and ensure that I have everything I need to work on them. As the weather gets warmer, I’ll also be reaching for my project bags on family road trips and weekends at the lake!

Here are five of the must-have tools I keep in my project bags:

Bamboo or wood needles

While metal needles are permitted by airlines, wood and bamboo needles have the advantage of being less likely to draw the ire of flight security - some people experience issues with their metal needles. If you’re comfortable working with circulars, they have the advantage of not rolling away if you accidentally drop one!

Small embroidery scissors

Blunt or round-ended scissors shorter than 2.5 inches are allowed on airlines, making them a smart choice for project bags - you’ll always be travel ready.

Stitch markers

Keeping a set of stitch markers makes it easier to keep track of your stitches! Simple stitch markers are sufficient for your project bag.

Measuring tape

Keeping a small retractable measuring tape handy is a great way of keeping an eye on your gauge and sizing. Rather than discovering a sizing issue later on and having to frog a large portion of your project, periodically checking with a tape measure is a helpful way to keep your knitting on track!

Mini sketchbook and pencil

One thing that I’ve found to be helpful in improving as a knitter over the years–particularly with things like picking yarns and patterns–has been keeping project notes. Carrying a small notebook and pencil makes it easy to jot down notes on the go. Plus a pencil comes in handy to keep track of your progress on a pattern.

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  • Nicola Young on

    I got a little craft box at Micheal’s to keep little things like this in and it’s travel ready and i have everything. Thirty One has some excellent craft bags that make projects portable as well.

  • Anne on

    Thank you for this article. It is always nice to hear what others have in their project bags. The advice on wood needles is good too. I am always afraid I will lose expensive needles at security. I usually take cheap needles to get me through.

  • Kim Clinger on

    This is such a great article, re: items to keep in your project bags. Makes me want to run out and buy 10 of each of those items (except the needles of course – I already have 10 of those, in each size, HA!). I swear I’m going to use this weekend to get organized with my projects, of which I have too many already. And I swear I’m going to get them finished – maybe not this weekend, but soon. So I can get working on that gorgeous BFL shawl. What a great paring, you and Kozy Up! Thanks again for all the beauty you bring to the world of knitting!

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