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Building Brioche Skills

Posted by Allison Barnes on
Building Brioche Skills

In January, I asked about some of the “knitting resolutions” people had and what skills they wanted to work on this year. Since we’re six months into the year (it’s amazing how time flies), I thought it would be fun to look back and share some patterns and resources for each knitting skill. First up, brioche!

Brioche is a beautiful stitch type that combines slipped stitches and yarn-overs to create lovely lofted patterns. In my original post, I shared this great tutorial for  basic two-colour brioche:

The Basics of Two-Colour Brioche: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SY9-qT8Lxnw

In this tutorial, Sosuknits shows the basics of knitting brioche, including brioche knit stitches (brk), brioche purl stitches (brp), slipping a stitch and doing a yarn over at the same time (sl1yo).

She also shows how to do two-stitch and four-stitch brioche increases (brkyobrk & brkyobrkyobrk), plus right and left leaning brioche decreases (brRsl dec, brLsl dec) and a four-stitch decrease (4st br dec).

Have you started knitting with brioche yet? Here are some pattern ideas that can help you continue building this skill!

Ingeborg by PetiteKnit

This headband is a lovely quick pattern that uses brioche - it’s a great way to start building up those skills and tackling a shorter project.

Vintage Prim by Andrea Mowry

This stunning hat pattern is a reversible slouchy hat, knit using two color brioche. It uses increases and decreases to create the cable-like pattern on one side.

Island in the Sun by Susanne Sommer

Knit top-down in one- and two-color brioche and garter stitch short rows, this pretty shawl pattern features contrasting stripes, bobbles and a spiky edge! I love the  potential for different colour combinations - the accents in this pattern are so great.


Luna by Anna Strandberg

If you’re ready to tackle a sweater project, this pattern features exquisite modern striping and patterning on the sleeves. I love how the bottom hem is split with the longer length in the back. The grey and white shown here looks so modern - but I’m also imagining how fun it could look with bold, colourful yarn choices!



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