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Moss on BFL DK

Moss on BFL DK


New for Fall 2019 - The BFL Collection

"Moss" - light yellow/green

This new collection is 100% untreated Blue-Faced Leicester wool, called BFL for short. Untreated yarn means that the fibre is not Superwash treated and still has the scales on the wool fibres - this makes them great for colour work because the fibres "grab" onto each other. Untreated wool can felt and must be hand washed gently in cool water and laid flat to dry.

BFL also has a lovely natural sheep scent and is ultra squishy! Many people find it soft next to the skin - it's a great choice for sweaters, mittens and outerwear. Some may not find it as comfortable to wear right against the neck or forehead.



  • 100% Blue-faced Leicester wool, untreated
  • ~250 yards per 115 grams
  • 3-ply
  • DK weight