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Tie dyed Shirt Blue and Green XL

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Northern Relfections 100% cotton shirt size XL. Crew neck. The original colour is White.

Flat measurements:

Length = 24 inches from top of shoulder to hem

Width = 22 inches from pit-to-pit


All bleach and tie dyed garments are laundered prior to dyeing. After dyeing the garment is thoroughly rinsed in cold water. A first wash is then done in the washing machine in hot water with a textile detergent to remove any colour bleeding. A second wash is then done with regular Tide laundry detergent in cold water. The garment is then tumble-dried with unscented fabric softener.


Thrifted garments are not necessarily cheaper than new. Buying thrifted clothing and other items saves them from going to the landfill. Be happy with your purchase knowing you are saving the earth and helping my family.