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Complete Master Class - 6 hours of One on One dye lessons (3 sessions)

Complete Master Class - 6 hours of One on One dye lessons (3 sessions)

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This Complete Master Class for dyeing yarn at the Allison Barnes Yarn home studio is a 3-session package. Each session is approximately 2 hours.

Based on your experience and preferences, Allison will custom tailor a series of three dye sessions just for you! In each 2-hour block you will have a chance to dye up to four skeins of yarn in any one dyeing method (deep immersion, low immersion, or hand painting). Repeating the method for all four skeins, and practising various dye methods will give you the confidence to further develop your dyeing style at home and build your hand dyeing business.

I’ll also let you in on some of my top secret dye methods and give you suggestions on where you can source dyeing materials.

This class is offered at a discount! Individual 2-hour classes are $400. Get three sessions covering three dye methods for only $1000! That’s a $200 savings!

Please be advised that we are doing standing work for the duration of class. Indoor shoes are recommended. Chairs can be provided if needed while waiting for colours to set.

At the end of each session you will get to take home your dyed skeins of yarn that will still be warm. On your way out you will get a bag to carry your wet yarn to finish rinsing and washing your yarn at home with instructions for drying and basic care.


Class length: ~6 hours total over three days

Private lesson.

Cost: $1000 plus GST.

My home studio is located in Mill Woods, Edmonton. Please note that our house is pet friendly (2 cats) and smoke free. The cats may be curious and enter the studio.

Please note that child care is not available and children who are not taking the class are not allowed in the dye studio. Please leave your children at home.

Classes may be rescheduled a maximum of one time due to illness or poor weather. A cancellation fee of $100 will be applied to no shows or cancellations.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to class so we may begin on time. It is highly recommended that you wear old clothing in case of spills. The floor is painted concrete so bring indoor shoes or slippers to wear inside if you tend to get cold. Gloves and masks will be provided. Please bring a notebook and pen to take notes if you want to remember what we do! There will not be any hand-outs provided in class. You may take photos during class.

I will confirm your registration by email - so please make sure you create an account on this website with a valid email address. My home studio address will be provided and I will re-confirm your yarn choices.


(If you have a party of 4-5 friends who would like to take a dye class together please email for available dates. allisonbarnescollection@gmail.com )