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Knitting Tools 101

Posted by Allison Barnes on
Knitting Tools 101

Having the right tools for any job makes it easier and more enjoyable - even when the “job” is your knitting hobby!

Whether you’re picking up knitting needles for the first time and don’t have any tools or you’re a seasoned yarn lover, these are some of the basic tools that I think you should have in your knitting supplies!

  • Small, sharp scissors. When you need to snip that yarn, you’ll want to have a pair of scissors easily available! Make sure they’re sharp so you can get a nice, clean snip when you’re trimming. (Looking for a great pair of sharp scissors? I have these cute unicorn scissors for sale!)
  • Retractable tape measure. You’ll inevitably need to reach for a tape measure occasionally, and a retractable one means you won’t have a long tape unravelling and tangled in your bag.
  • Simple, snagless stitch markers. Using a set of stitch markers makes it easier to keep track of your progress on the pattern you’re working on. There are tons of fun stitch marker options available but my favourite are always the simple ones - they’re effective, don’t get caught, and I’m not sad if I accidentally lose one.
  • A yarn needle. Once you finish your project you’ll need to sew in your yarn ends. A yarn needle (sometimes called a tapestry needle) makes it easier to tuck all of those errant ends in. I like metal ones that don’t snap if you accidentally sit on one!

Once you have those basic tools, you might want to consider adding some of these to your tool kit:

  • A knitting journal. It’s a great idea to keep records and notes about your project; this can include saving the pattern, making a note of what yarn and needles you used, any problems you ran into or adjustments you made to the pattern, a picture of the finished project/a yarn sample, and even your swatch if you kept it. These notes might feel tedious to make when you just want to pick up your next project but are a great resource if you want to make something again, track your experience with certain yarn brands or pattern writers, and more.
  • Project bags. If you like to take your project with you on the go, like to work on multiple projects, or just want a pretty way of storing your yarn, project bags are a great way to keep everything tidy! Your local yarn shop will likely have some great options or you can find playful bags made by local makers online or at a fibre festival!
  • Yarn swift and ball winder. If you’re working with a lot of skeined yarns, you may want to invest in a yarn swift and ball winder - they’ll simplify the process of turning those huggable skeins into tidy center-pull cakes of yarn.

Depending on how you block your knitting, you may also want to invest in some tools (mats, pins, a tub specifically for handwashing) for blocking.

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