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Wholesale Colourway List

These are colourways available to order for wholesale. This list may not be complete at the time of view. Updates occur from time to time.

Aster (BFL only)

Birch Bark (BFL only)


Broken Rainbow - Body Changes are Normal

Broken Rainbow - Don't Forget to Eat

Broken Rainbow - Don't Hide Your Body for Others

Broken Rainbow - Enjoy the Dessert

Broken Rainbow - Healthy at Any Size

Broken Rainbow - Perfect the Way I Am


Chin Hairs







Fungi (BFL only)

Gardener's Hands (BFL only)

Granite Grey




I Think We're Alone Now

Lake Like Glass (BFL only)


Mid-Life Crisis

Moss (BFL only)


Paint it Black

Pine (BFL only)





Redwood (BFL only)

Rosehip (BFL only)

 Sand (BFL only)


Seafoam (BFL only)

Seashells (BFL only)


Silver Grey

Skipping Stones (BFL only)

Spruce Tree